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How Can She Control Her Own Overly Aggressive Social Behavior? | Print |  E-mail
Tuesday, 15 April 2014

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Dear BR,

I feel the opposite of the person who avoids rejection by avoiding people. I think I'm TOO outgoing and turn off people by being too in the middle of everything. How can I balance my social need with more subtle behavior? Iím in my forties.


How to Make a Living at Public Speaking and Change Lives for the Good | Print |  E-mail
Tuesday, 08 April 2014

Dear Belleruth,

I want to make a living at public speaking.  I am interested in the wholistic field and have a natural presence in front of an audience.   I feel that I could influence people in a positive manor.  I want to help change lives like you do.  What do you suggest?


A Winning Recipe for Help with Severe OCD | Print |  E-mail
Monday, 31 March 2014


Dear Belleruth,

First off, I'd like to offer my thanks to you for helping people all over the country with their emotional/mental troubles and needs. Unfortunately, I suffer from germaphobia accompanied by fear of illness. Itís so bad that I wash my hands constantly, avoid touching things when Iím out in public, and carry sanitizer around in my pocket.  Plus, I don't go out to restaurants anymore, because I fear the people who made the food aren't careful with hygiene and contaminate my food with some kind of bacteria.

This all came about this past April, when I was very ill with a really bad stomach virus. It ended up being a very traumatic event for me, to say in the least... and I haven't been able to move on. I've tried everything I could afford -therapy, holistic medicine, acupuncture, meditation, etc.  I'm tired of living with this constant fear - what do you recommend for someone with my case? Thank you very much. Feel free to post this.


Would Using Cancer Imagery Preventatively Be Putting Thoughts in Her Head? | Print |  E-mail
Monday, 24 March 2014

We got this really interesting question from a woman last week, and itís something weíve heard before.  So we thought this would be a good place to post it.  Sheís not obsessed with fear of cancer, just wants to know if it might do her some long-term good.  Check it out.


Would it be a good preventative therapy for me to listen daily to your Meditation for Cancer CD?  

Or would I be putting thoughts in my head?

I am not really obsessed at all about it, but at age 60, I would like to heal any start of cancer cells.

My mother had breast cancer, and I've also lost a close friend to cancer, and am close to another who is in remission, so it is on my mind.  


Is There a Difference vs Posttraumatic Stress and Heartbreak? | Print |  E-mail
Monday, 17 March 2014


Hello -- love your work. Thank you.

One small quibble: I see that in the catalog your "heartbreak" material got listed under Posttraumatic Stress.

I worked the recovery effort at the World Trade Center (well -- I made coffee for the guys who worked in hell and hugged them when they left hell to come to me on hell's fringes) and know a lot of people who have truly seen the worst of the worst. Some of them - unsurprisingly - have PTSD.

It can be tough to get them to deal with it in some cases, and they can be rightfully touchy. One of "my" guys - who truly went through hell thousands of times: he's the bravest man I know - called me in a fury recently.  He'd read an article about a woman claiming she had PTSD because someone pinched her. He felt (and I agreed) that that cheapened his experience (and it's very hard for PTSD sufferers to be taken seriously, as you know).

I'd move the "Heartbreak" material out of the PTSD section for the same reason. Heartbreak is awful -- I've been there. But PTSD is different and worse.

Please consider reorganizing that listing. "My" boys would appreciate it.


Can Worry Over Losing My Job Make It Happen?? | Print |  E-mail
Monday, 10 March 2014


Dear Belleruth,

I'm feeling anxious about the economy, worrying about losing my job, etc. etc.  I don't want to dwell on this, as I believe that my thoughts could manifest the very events I'm worrying about.

Any tools, affirmations, guided imagery to help with this?  


Her Health Fell Apart after a Cardiac Scare Ė What to Do? | Print |  E-mail
Monday, 03 March 2014


Hi Belleruth,
I would like to get a tape for a friend who has had a series of health issues after having a cardiac event, which in the end turned out to be nothing serious, although she was quite scared.

She was healthy and vibrant before the event. Now it seems like there are non-stop health issues (digestive issues, odd pains, hypervigilance, fear everything is cancer, etc.), some of which are likely psychosomatic in nature.

What tape would you suggest for her to recover her past health and well being?

Thank you!

What to Do for the Worst Case of Anxiety EverÖ. | Print |  E-mail
Monday, 24 February 2014


Iím an LPC and LMFT and attended one of your workshops (Houston, 2004 maybe). I refer a lot of clients to your website to purchase CDs and love your work.

I have a new client who is on Lexapro, Resperdil, and Xanax for the most severe anxiety Ive seen in my 42 years counseling.
Jan. 2013 he suffered a spinal cord injury in a ski accident/long rehab/finally back to work as an attorney and walking w/crutches. Doing well.

Then several months later, he falls apart w/anxiety, physical pain in legs and legs shaking constantly/spastic - finally quits going to work and is now in a wheelchair.
Had another brain and spinal cord MRI and doctors find nothing wrong. Just sits & does NOTHING. No hope. Becoming irritated by everything.

I had them buy your Ease Pain CD and Healthful Sleep (as hes getting only a few hours of sleep). He listened to Ease Pain only a few times and says it irritates him and he refuses to listen.

Any suggestions?

Thank you.

A Therapist Wants Her Client to Stay Awake while Listening to ImageryÖ | Print |  E-mail
Monday, 17 February 2014


Dear Belleruth,

I have a client who falls asleep almost immediately upon beginning to listen to your CD's. She was born and raised in Germany. And, when she was a child, her parents would play cassette stories for her to fall asleep to.

Could this be conditioning or some other issue?

How can she be assisted in being able to stay awake and take advantage of your guided imagery cd's?

Thank you

Whatís the Proper Sound Volume for Guided Imagery Listening? | Print |  E-mail
Monday, 03 February 2014
Listen to an audio sample of Healthful Sleep

A woman asks for instructions on what the recommended level of sound should be while listening to our guided imagery, and more specifically the audios for Healthful Sleep and some others.  Belleruth provides an answer below.

How loud or soft should we be listening to the cd's?

I have the Healthful Sleep cd, and a couple others, no instructions as to what the recommended level of sound should be....loud, same voice as if I was talking to someone, soft, so soft that when you move or adjust you can't hear it???  Help.


Guided Imagery for the Severely Hearing Impaired?? | Print |  E-mail
Monday, 27 January 2014

Dear BR,
I have enjoyed many of your CD's personally as well as professionally. I am a counselor and work with many stressed, depressed, trauma survivors, alcoholics and chronic pain patients.  I find visualization very helpful to most of them once I get them involved.

I have a question along these same lines. I am dealing with a client with chronic pain, lots of anger and unresolved hostility, plus some mild PTSD symptoms.  My problem is getting her to try visualization. She is very hard of hearing due to an injury.  She never learned sign language, and is unable to enhance her hearing with hearing aids, plus she has a limited attention span with new topics.

Is there any other form of visualization that can work without music and being talked into the relaxed state that you are aware of?

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