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Tuesday, 05 February 2013

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Dear HJ,

As I was making my 30 minute commute, I realize that I am much calmer when I listen to Belleruth's CDs, especially the Affirmations.  (I do understand the disclaimer of not listening while driving).

I, like everyone else, have been provoked to "road rage" and thought if Belleruth made a "Calm Commute" CD to listen to while driving, keeping inner peace and sending love to those who tailgate, pass on the wrong side of the road… she would be doing humanity a great service.

If/when she makes this CD, I will be the FIRST in line to buy & USE it.


Dear Dolores,

First of all, thank you for the kind words, the suggestion and the fabulous title, Calm Commute.  After much thinking and discussion, we decided that we probably don’t really need to make a special program, since we already have existing audio material that would serve the purpose.  

Affirmations, of course are perfect for driving.  But you could also use the Counting the Breath and the Mantra Repetition  tracks that appear in several of our titles: Panic Attacks, for instance; or Stress Hardiness Optimization, Guided Imagery Mix, to name three. You wouldn’t zone out much using those, but they would keep you calm.

Another thought would be to listen to a program like Relaxation & Wellness at home, and then play the same music (Steve Kohn’s Music for Meditation) without the words, while driving while driving.
There’s also Road Sage by Sylvia Boorstein, created for just this purpose. She cultivates mindful driving by guiding the listener to work with the physical sensations and mind states that grab us with road craziness - like impatience, fury, helpless frustration – you know.  And she’s got a really great voice, plus a comfortable, embodied, calming, compassionate, companionable presence.  So you could also drive with Sylvia.

But, just between you and me, if your goal is to send love to those who tailgate and pass on the wrong side of the road – well, that might be a little ambitious!  Not impossible, mind you, but definitely ambitious.
All best,

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written by Sheila Todd, February 07, 2013
As a trucking company owner I like this idea very much. Oddly professional truck drivers are the most serene when someone (a 4 wheeler) cuts them off or drives with their feet on the dash. When I was first riding with my husband one time I asked him why he didn't scream & yell at drivers - or at least shake his fist. He told me that if he did that he would be miserable everyday. He said he just expects those things to happen because those are the things that happen while driving in traffic.
When driving gets hairy and I am without a good affirmation CD I often turn off the radio, check all my mirrors, and breath deeply. I am always surprised at how much more alert I am without the radio on.
This post also reminds me of when I am working late at night I like to listen to spa music or nature sounds. It calms me down for when I finally get to leave my desk.
If Dolores is the first to buy a Calm Commute CD then I will be the second! Great title and much needed - get to work Bellaruth!
written by Belleruth, February 10, 2013
Thanks for these insightful comments. The trucker response reminds me of the way experienced business travelers behave in airports when flights are switched, cancelled or delayed. They stay calm and just maneuver their way around the mess. I try to get behind one of them and copy whatever it is they're doing!

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