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Monday, 25 February 2013

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Hello... got a couple of questions I would like you to answer...

1--What, specifically, makes your products "more effective and/or unique" than your competitors?

2--Do your CD's contain any underlying subliminal suggestions?

I sincerely appreciate your response!


Hi, Steve,

First off, different styles and techniques work better for some, and not so well for others.  So I'd never make a blanket statement that our titles are more effective than others, and I don't believe I ever have.

They'll hit the sweet spot of some listeners and leave others cold.

If you don't believe this, just check out the hundreds of reviews posted on Amazon. Some think our stuff is the greatest thing since sliced bread.  Others don't like it a bit and wonder what all the fuss is about.

What I can tell you is we put in a lot of time into our version of quality. Our authors are clinicians who research the content thoroughly and test it out on listeners before recording it.  Also, over the years (since 1989) we've gotten a ton of useful feedback and we've worked hard to pay careful attention and evolve accordingly. 

Our composer/musician, Steve Kohn, is a gifted artist who teaches at the Cleveland Institute of Music and creates gorgeous music; and our talented, super-skilled sound engineer, Bruce Gigax, is the same guy who records the Cleveland Orchestra at Severance Hall. We've been working with these two masterful guys since our beginnings in 1989.

The kind of imagery I create is generally multi-sensory, body-based, emotionally evocative and hypnotically immersive, with the narrative aiming for poetic images that lean on universal themes and archetypal symbols.  It tells a story and usually has some sort of musical and narrative arc and climax that carries a central affirmation that sums up the healing theme of each title.

Some start out sounding the same as others, but by 5 minutes in, they’re doing something unique to the targeted topic.

This approach doesn't suit everyone. Some prefer a more emotionally neutral narrative. Some like more traditional and straightforward hypnosis.  Some do better with the quieter, more spacious practice of mindfulness, where there isn't all the stimulation of words and music.  And some do better with moving meditation, such as qigong, yoga or the like.  It's all good if it works, and something will work for anyone if they persist in trying out these mind-body methods.

And to answer your second question, no.  We don't have subliminal suggestions on the titles we produce; but David Illig's work does have this added feature, and in combination with his impeccable Ericksonian style of hypnosis, it seems to work well for people.  

Sorry I couldn’t give you a simpler answer, but I hope this answers your questions to a large extent.    
All best,

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written by Dr. George Patrin, February 26, 2013
To Steve,
As you can see, Belleruth is extremely forthright and responsive. I'm not sure what all is behind your question, but I can tell you I've challenged Belleruth in the past to consider program changes to better suit certain populations, such as Veterans. She immediately researched the issue and within a year had collaborated with the DoD on a research project with front-line customer input that resulted in a fantastic new guidied imagery product for Vets with PTSD and depression/ grief. As a primary care physician, Veteran, and family advocate I recommend healthjourneys products all the time and use them myself. (No, I have no stock in the company, just the highest respect for Belleruth and her team.)
written by Dorothy, February 27, 2013
Works for me! Try it for yourself.
written by Donna, February 27, 2013
As a long time "user" of your guided imagery I notice that even within your audios I find a few that just don't seem to work for me. I always tell people this to encourage they try more than one if the first one doesn't "hit the sweet spot". For example when I am in an insomnia run I cannot use the one designed for sleep... I think bc I'm stubborn by nature and it is TRYING to get me to sleep, and I can feel that, so I resist. BUT, let me turn on the PTSD audios which I have listened to many many times and I find I have fallen asleep almost immediately. Or the anxiety one, or the PAIN audio. So even if one doesn't work the way you need it to it never hurts to try another... These CDs have been golden to me in my progress toward recovery from Lyme Disease.
written by John, February 28, 2013
I like HealthJourneys audios. I don't expect a huge amount of benefit, but I think that they do help me. Honest, direct answers, from Belleruth, are an indication of benefit. Thank you.

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