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Tuesday, 12 February 2013

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Dear Belleruth:

Which of your CD's can help me get rid of my flashbacks and strangulation feelings that are due to my PTSD?  
Please advise.

Thank you,
Linda P.

Dear Linda,

I'd start with something fairly neutral and relaxing for a couple of weeks, like the Relaxation & Wellness or General Wellness, to see if you find it calming at all. 

You could also start with Healthful Sleep instead of or in addition to those two titles I just mentioned.   A lot of trauma survivors start with this imagery and get a double benefit from it: it's good 'starter' imagery, just as the two titles mentioned above are; and most trauma survivors have trouble with sleep anyway. 

In any case, after a couple weeks (maybe once or twice a day) of the calming, self-regulating imagery, if you find yourself responding well to it, and that you’re feeling a little more balanced and steady, then you could move on to the Healing Trauma imagery, also listening once or twice daily for a couple of weeks.

You may want to listen to the whole thing several times a day – some do – or you may just want to listen to brief segments of it at first (it's more intense and emotionally evocative, so some feel they’re not up for the full ‘dose’ right away). But it’s been found to be very effective and get the job done for many.

If it feels right, after a couple of weeks of the trauma imagery, you may want to alternate it with the ‘starter’ audio(s). Mixing them up keeps it fresh.

And if you want suggestions for what else you can do - body work, other kinds of meditation, journaling, group support with other survivors, etc - you might want to pick up my book in the library or buy it online - it pretty much covers everything along those lines. It’s called Invisible Heroes: Survivors of Trauma and How They Heal.
Hope this helps.

Wishing you the best.

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written by Susan B Landry, February 13, 2013
The feeling of beeing strangled really hits home, as silence was what kept us safe. I found singing to be helpful in breaking my silence. Amazing Grace I sing along with Judy Collins. Also You'll Never Walk Alone. Some meds cause that choking feeling, like Welbutrin. Beware.
written by AUDREY, February 16, 2013
Dear Belleruth,

I am having surgery in two weeks for a dermoid cyst in my right ovary and its a tennis ball size. I feel sad because I have not had babies, and I am afraid to have my ovary removed. I just got your Surgery CD, what is the best way to listen to it, best time? Any recomendations? Thanks a lot.
written by Nurse Karen, February 20, 2013
I was infertile, lost at birth my first two babies, only had one ovary {other surgically removed as well}, so Audrey, hang in there. I had a baby boy eleven years later! Look on this site for fertility CD's. I listened to the surgery CD at bedtime. Asked the surgeon to allow me to listen in prep room prior to actual surgery: Worked well. As for the PTSD: "Healing Trauma" worked for me {childhood sexual abuse/rape survivor} plus the "General Wellness" and reading "The Courage to Heal" by Bass & Davis. Hope that's okay to say. I also have BR's book, "Invisible Heroes". Make sure you get medical check-ups as I found alot of my panic attacks & nightmares lessened with proper nutrition, & supplements such as Vitamin D3, C, Omega-3's, adequate magnesium, etc. Bright Blessings to you. God Bless Belleruth for her Healing work!!! xoxo

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