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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

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ImageTriaDea Integrative Health Care is a new company that fertility pioneer, Alice Domar PhD, has put together with Tami Quinn and Beth Heller, co-owners of Pulling Down the Moon, to help make integrative care (including yoga, nutrition, acupuncture, meditation and guided imagery) easily adopted by medical practices.

What they do is offer services and products, both by way of a website that provides patients with info on the latest research and trends in integrative health, along with a chance to purchase vetted products such as vitamins, supplements, books, CDs and DVD’s relevant to their health issues and goals.; and in addition, they provide clinical training to those who want to add yoga, massage, nutrition, mind/body, and psychological counseling to their practice.
TriaDea means three divine gifts.  The name stands for the company’s mission: empathic patient care, cutting edge science, and good business practice, so that so that any practice can provide new integrative services to their patients, and in doing so, can help make integrative care the new standard of care.

Horses for Heroes | Print |  E-mail
Sunday, 06 February 2011

ImageWe tip our virtual 10-gallon hat to Horses for Heroes, a unique wellness and voc rehab “horse therapy” program, based in Santa Fe, NM, that’s free to veterans and active military who’ve sustained injuries or combat trauma during their service.

From the get-go, the veterans work with the horses, from ground work to riding. They also learn other aspects of ranch life, including working cattle and, most importantly, experiencing the camaraderie they’ve been missing, this time with cowboys who are Veterans themselves.

There’s a terrific write-up of the program here by Phil Parker of the Albuquerque Journal.

Integrative Medicine Program at NorthShore University HealthSystem | Print |  E-mail
Monday, 23 November 2009

ImageWe’re proud to salute the Integrative Medicine Program at NorthShore University HealthSystem (in Chicago and environs), where Leslie Mendoza Temple MD directs an awesome program that makes the best use of both conventional and cutting edge, holistic therapies. Trained at Andy Weil’s one-of-a-kind, 2-year fellowship in integrative medicine, Dr. Mendoza has put together a prodigious team of physicians and integrative practitioners, who work closely together to ensure the very best and most thoroughly synchronized care for the patient.

Pathways for Healing | Print |  E-mail
Thursday, 04 September 2008

Carol DeSantoPathways for Healing, a Cleveland-based learning center created by psychologist Jim Kepner PhD and social worker Carol DeSanto, MSW, trains mental health and health practitioners in Nervous System Energy Work (NSEW), a sophisticated synthesis of Gestalt Therapy, Peter Levine’s Somatic Experiencing and the work of noted energy healer, Rosalyn Bruyere.  Their ingenious methods lean heavily on the theory of neurologist Robert Scaer, and are particularly good for targeting posttraumatic stress and releasing its debilitating patterns from mind, body and spirit. This is work that’s been described in Invisible Heroes, in the section on imagery-based therapies that work especially well for trauma survivors.

Pathways for Healing offers a variety of introductory courses  and intensive, certificate training programs, drawing people from all around the United States and beyond.  Practitioners at all levels can grow and learn through physical exercises, theory and demonstration, hands-on healing practice and experiential exercises.

Jim and Carol make this otherwise esoteric realm clear, practical, professional and duplicable. If you’re a clinician who’s been discouraged from learning energy work by an excess of “woo-woo” factor, this is the place for you; and likewise, if you’re a hands-on healer who is looking for a structured, grounded system to hang your hat on, this is the place for you.

Jim and Carol have been teaching together since 1985 and make a great team, creating a respectful, supportive, focused learning environment, sprinkled with humor and a vast mutual backlog of clinical wisdom.  Jim is a psychologist in private practice, author of Body Process: A Gestalt Approach to Working with the Body in Therapy and Healing Tasks: Psychotherapy with Adult Survivors of Childhood Abuse and teaches on the faculty of the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland.  Carol is also psychotherapist in private practice, with special experience in recovery issues, energy healing and working with people challenged by cancer and chronic illness.

Light Living Program | Print |  E-mail
Thursday, 15 February 2007
Christine Rosche, MPH,CBT, creator of the very successful and highly effective Light Living program to help people achieve a healthy weight, has started something new for people with diabetes.
Mercy Medical Center, Durango | Print |  E-mail
Friday, 28 October 2005
We salute the fabulous TLC Team (Touch, Love and Compassion) at Mercy Medical Center in Durango, Colorado, part of a creative, new integrative medicine initiative spearheaded by Pam Kirchner MD, Medical Director of Integrative Care at the hospital, and her merrye band of gifted practitioners. The TLC team provides imagery, music, aromatherapy and gentle hands-on techniques at the bedside of hospitalized patients, in order to relieve stress, fear, isolation and pain.
Sheppard Pratt Trauma Disorders Program | Print |  E-mail
Monday, 06 June 2005
The very impressive and comprehensive Sheppard Pratt Trauma Disorders Program in Baltimore, Maryland, provides a rare continuum of care for sufferers of PTSD, from inpatient services to outpatient, from day hospital treatment to acute care, with every level of coverage in between.
Stanford Mind-Body Medicine Fertility Support Program | Print |  E-mail
Monday, 29 November 2004
Stanford Mind-Body Medicine Fertility Support Program

Holistic OBGYN and imagery expert, Harise Stein MD, helped put this ingenious fertility-assisting program together and get it off the ground. It is run and facilitated by the awesome Penny Donnelly RN, MFT- a double threat as a nurse and a marriage and family therapist.
Academy for Guided Imagery | Print |  E-mail
Monday, 23 August 2004
Over the past 25 years, the awesome pioneering work of The Academy for Guided Imagery has trained over 10,000 practitioners - psychologists, physicians, social workers, nurses, family counselors, and other health professionals - in its thorough, deep-going, therapeutic technique of Interactive Guided Imagerysm, through its workshops and home study courses.
The Block Center | Print |  E-mail
Monday, 09 February 2004
The Block Center for Integrative Cancer CareWe want you to know about The Block Center for Integrative Cancer Care in Evanston, Illinois. Founded 2 decades ago by Keith Block MD, an internationally recognized integrative cancer-care specialist and Editor-in-Chief of The Journal of Integrative Cancer Therapies,
Grand Ideas from Within | Print |  E-mail
Thursday, 30 October 2003

Grand Ideas from Within is a special guided imagery program for troubled kids at the West Feliciana Middle School in Francisville, Louisiana. The brainchild of 2 inventive, caring educator-social workers, Janice McDermott, M.Ed, LCSW and Joan Stewart LCSW, the program uses weekly

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