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Must We Pay So Much Attention to Terrorists and Mass Murderers? | Print |  E-mail

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Hello again.  Some of you may have read how Adrianne Haslet-Davis, the dancer who lost part of one leg in the Boston Marathon bombings, walked off the set of Meet the Press just before the show aired, because producers reneged on their promise to not mention the bombers’ names.
Good for her for having the wit and guts to walk away when they went back on their word.  Most people are thrown for a loop when the rug is pulled out from under them, just before airing, and don’t know what to do.

But more to the point, I think she has a winning idea, something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. It’s kind of obvious, so perhaps you’ve thought of it too.

When we show pictures of terrorists and shooters on TV, when their names are all over the media, and when we hear about their backgrounds in a reporter’s attempt to figure out their motives, doesn’t it encourage others to seek the same perverse form of ‘glory’?  Aren’t we just inspiring more of the same?

Guided Imagery Gets Its Due in American Journal of Nursing | Print |  E-mail

Hello, everyone.  

Well, the bodacious Traci Stein’s new audio on Creating Positive Change is now available as a download.  The hard copies will be ready in a couple more weeks.

Do check it out if you’re feeling stuck in a habituated response or behavior that you seriously want to kiss goodbye. This is a really wonderful recording, and it can make all the difference in your quest for self-improvement and change.  

It’s got three tracks.  The Awake Track is straight-up self-hypnosis and imagery that encourages change through profound relaxation, imagining completed goals, and a heart-felt sense of well-being.  The Sleep Track fosters lasting change during deep, restorative sleep. And there’s a third bonus track that delivers potent Affirmations to bolster the entire process.  

You can check out a sound sample here.

On another note, I was really happy to see a lead article by Sylvia Foley in the online version of the American Journal of Nursing – it was on how guided imagery can be used to help kids with sickle cell disease cope with pain. 

Now Taking Pre-Orders for Creating Positive Change! | Print |  E-mail

Cindy informs me that we can begin taking pre-orders for Traci Stein’s fabulous new recording for Creating Positive Change.  MP3’s should be ready by mid-April (maybe sooner) and a packaged hard copy CD will be in the warehouse by the end of the month (or sooner).

This is yet another terrific hypnosis/guided imagery audio from Traci - this one to help people get unstuck from old patterns and ingrained behaviors that maybe once served some purpose, but are no longer so functional.  And who doesn’t need help with that??

I went down to the studio last week, so Bruce Gigax, our awesome sound engineer, at the eponymously named Audio Recording Studios, could play me the finished mix.  It sounded sensational and the content is, not surprisingly, just primo.
Traci’s other titles have been hugely popular, so we’ve got no reason to think that this one won’t be flying out of here too.  It has a superb, psychologically sophisticated, emotionally attuned narrative, embedded in Traci’s highly skilled hypnotic technique, and her voice is just wonderful for this kind of immersive listening.   So check out the sound sample, here.

Wanna Watch Dr. Andy Weil Cook Up a Storm? | Print |  E-mail

At this year’s Nutrition and Health Conference in Dallas TX, from May 4th through 7th, you’ll not only learn the most current, evidence-based ideas, practices and advice for healthy eating and food as medicine; you’ll also get to watch master-foodie and integrative health pioneer Andy Weil whip up some of his favorite healthful-yet-savory delights.

You’ll certainly hear some of the most cutting edge thinking and expertise that’s out there.  Andrew Weil, Kathie Swift, Victoria Maizes, Justin Sonnenberg, Fredi Kronenberg, Stephen Rimm, Hillary McLafferty, Randy Horwitz and more experts I can name are speaking, engaged interactive panels, case presentations, demos.  This is wonderful learning in an engaged, exciting, lively atmosphere.  Needless to say, the foodstuffs and collegial company are fabulous.

I’m looking forward to presenting on the impact of guided imagery on diabetes.  

On another happy note, Emmett Miller will be hosting his Spirit In Action retreat  on March 28-30, 2014  at Esalen Institute in Big Sur, CA.  If you want to learn more, go to our events page and check it out. 

It’s Social Work Month – Time to Salute My People! | Print |  E-mail

Well, it’s Social Work Month – time to salute my people!   

So here’s to the unsung heroes who look after the weak, the sick, the poor, the neglected, the disenfranchised and the unspoken-for.  What a heritage!  Check out the picture of two great ladies who helped define social service at its very beginnings – Chicago’s Jane Addams and Hannah Greenebaum Solomon.

It’s not that other professions don’t do this, but social workers do it as their primary focus  – that’s the job.  We’re in welfare offices, child abuse organizations, battered spouse shelters, adoption services, probation, rehab, child and family service agencies, food banks, inner city schools, the courts, the hospitals and the neighborhoods.

Our profession also constitutes the main percentage of psychotherapists nowadays.  We considerably outnumber counselors, psychologists, psychiatrists at the shrinking of heads, so if you’re seeing a therapist or if you are a therapist, we’re probably talking about a social worker.

We don’t apologize for caring about the poor, the hungry, the underserved and underrepresented. And we do our best to make life better for them – through service, community organizing, lobbying and policy change.

As a rule, social workers don’t get a whole lot of money or status from doing this work.  There are exceptions – Senator Barbara Mikulski comes to mind – she started out as a community organizer and she maintains that same deep level of caring and commitment to her peeps, as anyone on the streets of Baltimore will tell you. But most of us don’t get that high up on the food chain. That’s not what drives us.  It’s more about the meaning that comes from alleviating suffering, because we see all people as worthy of a good life.

Traci Stein Records New Imagery for Changing Old Habits | Print |  E-mail

Well, we’re delighted to tell you that the very gifted Traci Stein PhD has recorded yet another terrific hypnosis/guided imagery audio for Health Journeys – this one to help people get unstuck from old patterns and ingrained, dysfunctional behaviors that no longer make sense (if they ever did).  

Creating Positive Change should be ready as a download by April 10, and as a packaged CD in the warehouse by April 30. Stay tuned and we’ll let you know.

Traci’s other titles have been hugely popular. We hear from happy listeners all the time.  Her set for Healthy Self-Esteem and Self-Esteem during Sleep has been hard to keep on the shelves of our warehouse.  And Free Yourself from Procrastination is every bit as much of a huge hit. 

What One Session Will Get You, the Weird Nature of Traumatic Stress, and More… | Print |  E-mail

This week’s Ask Belleruth, submitted for a friend whose health and well-being apparently fell apart after what turned out to be a cardiac scare, highlights some key points about traumatic stress that may be useful for some to know.  

Sometimes it explains some baffling goings-on for some people.  Because, even though this person wound up not having suffered a heart attack after all, she was horribly scared, and that’s what can create the conditions for posttraumatic stress – the scare and the response generated by our built-in survival mechanisms.  

The Hot Research for this week illuminates a simple point, seems to me – that for smoking cessation, a single group session of anything – whether it’s relaxation or hypnosis - isn’t going to get a whole lot of traction.

Getting Your Resources into Our Catalog | Print |  E-mail

Each week we get queries from practitioners with a product they’d like to sell – an audio or video – wondering if we’d review it for possible inclusion in our catalog.  

We’re always on the lookout for stellar mind-body resources to add to our list.  We focus on guided imagery, hypnosis and meditation materials, but we also carry a limited amount of yoga, qigong, energy psychology, acupressure and acupoint tapping guided materials as well.

It’s got to be high quality content – psychologically and/or medically sophisticated, respectful, non-cheesy and based on sound principles. It has to be spoken in good English (or Spanish).  It also has to be well produced and well packaged.  

We send people back to the drawing board if they’ve got what we think is excellent content but poorly made, and ask them to do it again if they’re serious about us carrying it.

Hats Off to the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine | Print |  E-mail

This Wednesday, there's a free teleseminar by Helen Fisher (author of Why Him? Why Her?) on The Brain in Love.... a short course on the neurobiology of romance, and why a break-up can be akin to withdrawal from narcotics.  (Yep - been there, done that, in my misspent youth.... definitely not a day at the beach, and this explains why...) 

You can get the intriguing science behind our not-so-rational behavior when we're besotted, along with some practical insights and useful approaches to attachment and detachment, by clicking here.

Last week I gave a workshop on guided imagery for the Integrative Medicine in Residency Training at Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona – this is the institution created by Andrew Weil MD to train docs in what used to be called the CAM therapies, and built up beyond recognition by Executive Director Victoria Maizes MD and her talented colleagues.

The people in the audience were their town’s local champions in integrative medicine – the ones who train residents in primary care and pediatrics at 47 major hospitals around the country.  (The program started 5 years ago with only a handful of hospitals participating).

The field is growing by leaps and bounds, mainly thanks to this Center, which has trained over 1000 fellows over the past several years.  Chances are there’s a hospital near you that has a new Integrative Medicine Dept, run by somebody trained here.  In fact, I chatted with a doc from the Cleveland Clinic whom I’d never met at home. 

Some Unique Kardio Kits: A Special Value for Heart Month | Print |  E-mail

Hello, everyone.
Well, February is Heart Month, and we’re featuring our 2 popular heart kits:  Heal Your Emotional Heart is designed to help those burdened by heartache, to remediate all the emotional wear and tear that goes with being disappointed in a relationship.

Broken hearts are especially hard on people around Valentine’s Day, with all the lovey-dovey promo and romanticized advertising going on everywhere.

This kit features two of our bestsellers, Heartbreak, Abandonment & Betrayal and Anger & Forgiveness; along with Emmett Miller’s brilliant Accepting Change and Moving On.

Easy, Free Access to Some of the Best Mind-Body Databases in the World | Print |  E-mail

Hello, everyone.

I’m struck by the windfall of guided imagery and hypnosis studies that drop weekly into my virtual cubby at the National Library of Medicine these days.

I remember when I was hard pressed to find even one new research citation a month for this blog, and I’d scour and email every source I could find to come up with something – anything – to post on our research page.

Now I can’t keep up with it all.  I’m hard pressed to choose which abstracts to use.  Entering the search terms “guided imagery, hypnosis, meditation, relaxation, visualization, biofeedback”, I’ll easily get a hundred studies each week to choose from.  

We now have thousands of abstracts of mind-body studies for you to flip through, archived by topic, on our Hot Research pages.

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